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A Short And Simple Workout Clothes Cleaning Guide

By Alanic Wholesale

A Short And Simple Workout Clothes Cleaning Guide

12/23/2022 When you are a dedicated fitness enthusiast, you would of course get great benefits like better sleep and reduced anxiety. However, you would also be more used to sweaty, smelly workout clothing which you shouldn’t actually adjust to since it can be perfectly taken care of.
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7 Smart Workout Clothes Washing Tips:
Follow the tips given below to keep your workout wear always clean.

  1. Never keep your sweaty workout clothes stuffed in your duffel bag as it can cause mildew or mold to form which can result in foul odors. After getting home, hang up your fitness clothes and let them dry.
  2. Sort the clothes. Keep similar fabrics in the same washing load. Separate your gym towels and cotton tees from your synthetic workout leggings or shorts. This is important otherwise the lint from cotton will stick to your exercise clothes. Additionally, make sure to keep heavy fabrics like denim and other materials with zippers or buttons separate.
  3. Turn each of your workout clothing pieces inside out before you put them in the wash. This will help to maximize the effectiveness of your washing machine as it will smoothly get rid of odor-causing bacteria (sticking to the inside of your clothes) in no time.
  4. If you are someone whose clothes still retain the odor even after washing then consider soaking them in four mugs of cold water and one cup of white distilled vinegar. Leave it as it is for around half an hour and let the solution work. The acid in the vinegar will eliminate bacteria, dirt, and oil from the workout clothing’s fabric and will thus help your washing machine to do a better job.
  5. More amount of detergent doesn’t mean an effective cleaning but would surely destroy the performance fabrics. In fact, use a little less detergent than you would in the case of your normal clothes.
  6. Do you want the washing machine to beat up your clothes too much and ruin them for good? If not, then wash them in cold water using only the gentle cycle. Never expose them to high heat.
  7. Air dry your clothes always if you want to extend the life of your expensive workout clothing. Always remember, heat can cause shape alterations, shrinkages, damage the fabric, and weaken the power of elastic.

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