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The BOApod brings Hydraulic Uptime to Australian Businesses

By BOA Hydraulics

The BOApod brings Hydraulic Uptime to Australian Businesses


Now Australian businesses working with hydraulic machinery and blown hoses have the chance to take back control of their hydraulic downtime by up-skilling their staff and staying on top of preventative maintenance and blown hoses all onsite in their own time.
Sometimes it’s not until it is brought to our attention that we really think about all the costs associated with running our own business. In industries when our employees are reliant on machines for their production, considering their downtime when the machine is out of action is often just an accepted part of the job. When a business starts to add up the wasted minutes, hours and sometimes days of employees unable to carry on their work from a blown hydraulic hose, the monthly and annual cost would blow your mind.
Since the launch of the BOApod into Australia the customer feedback, especially regarding the downtime saved for their labour force, has been overwhelming.
With BOApod’s now operating in WA, TAS, QLD, VIC & NSW, in the forestry, drilling, mining, civil, quarrying, transport and agriculture industries, many businesses are benefiting from the increased Uptime they are experiencing.
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