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Custom Irons: Receive the Best Tattoo Supplies Now

By Custom Irons

Custom Irons: Receive the Best Tattoo Supplies Now

06/15/2020 A large number of individuals wish to pursue a career in the tattooing industry because apart from earning a decent amount of money each month, doing so helps them interact with enthusiasts belonging to different walks of life. Besides learning the art of etching designs on the skin, investing in quality equipment is also necessary. It is common to lose a customer because the needles were not sharp, or the inks were not bold.
From among the wide range of providers readily available, Custom Irons is considered the best. The owners, Lindsay and Marco, treasure supplies that can help newbie as well as experienced artists to succeed. To know more, please go through the given discussion now.
Reasons to Choose
Custom Irons has acquired extensive recognition because the friendly and professional staff members educate, inspire, as well as resolve any doubt one might have about the tattoo supplies. They are passionate about assisting the tattoo fanatics in Australia. Shaped with years of careful insight, the company fulfills each expectation. According to the owners, one must challenge his or her limits every day and break out from the comfort zone.
Products Offered
Custom Irons drives abundant traffic from all across the globe because they stock equipment of the renowned brands. For instance, the Critical XR-D and the Critical XR generates immense power, thus, accurate designs under all circumstances. This tool and the ones mentioned below are manufactured in adherence to the hygiene protocols.
· The Formula 23 Micro-Fine Pigment is ideal for delicate etching patterns and smooth line work.
· The Prismacolor Softcore Pencil helps an artist draw the design on paper before moving to the human skin. The thick shades not only last long but also capable of creating a bold statement.
· The Fantom Needle Set comprises needles of 3.5mm and 4.2mm. They are incredibly fine; thus, they can penetrate the skin without any hassle. The artists will be able to carve designs without worrying about wrist and finger cramps.
· The Dynamic Black & White Inks are immensely bold and stay on the skin for eternity. Thanks to the presence of zero caustic chemicals, they do not lead to allergies.
A Brief Note
Marco and Lindsay employed a talented team of professionals to work for Custom Irons. Besides offering the necessary supplies, they help the artists know about the trends emerging now and then. They expanded their knowledge of body arts by visiting different conferences, conventions, events, etc. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping is allowed. The current store timings are 2 pm to 4 pm.
Contact Information
10/1934 Gold Coast Highway
Miami One Shopping Centre
Miami QLD 4220
Phone Number
0430 380 200 (Do Not Send Text Messages)
Email ID
Instagram and Facebook

If planning on purchasing standard tattoo equipment for a more or less reasonable price, the individuals must rely on none other than Custom Irons. They can drop in the showroom directly, call, send an email, or place orders via social media. By subscribing to the official newsletter, they will receive notifications about promotional events, brand-new launches, special deals, and many more.

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Custom Irons

Custom Irons is considered one of the best providers of tattoo machine supplies. The owners, Marco and Lindsay, and their talented team of professionals keep the tattoo artists, both newbie and experienced, updated with all the recent trends. They expanded their knowledge about the body art indu…

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