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4 Extremely Essential Hauling Equipment

By Fernandes & Associates Pty Ltd

4 Extremely Essential Hauling Equipment

12/14/2020 Hauling equipment makes the loading and unloading process very easy. Let's throw light on 4 widely used hauling equipment.

Hauling equipment is used to move, lift and haul materials or objects. There are different types of hauling equipment used in constructions. They make the loading and unloading process very easy. This equipment is used for several purposes. Here are 4 extremely essential hauling equipment extensively used in several industries.

1. Cranes

A crane is the most common and popular hauling equipment widely used in construction industries across the world. It comes with a solid steel frame, hoist and pulley. The most common purposes of a crane are to lift up or move the objects inside the construction plant. The cranes can either be truck-mounted or ground fixed. Depending on the size and applications, cranes are classified into several types such as mobile cranes, tower cranes, overhead cranes, etc. According to the hauling equipment engineering experts, to maintain the functionality of a crane, periodic inspection is needed.

2. Dump trucks

A dump truck is another common hauling truck that is used to transport all kinds of loose materials including sand, cement & gravel stones for construction purposes. A traditional dump truck comes with an advanced hydraulically controlled box. This kind of truck can easily load the materials. Depending on the designs & capacity, dump trucks are categorised into different types. They include on-highway dump trucks, off-highway dump trucks & semi-trailer trucks.

3. Forklift

A forklift is also known as a forklift truck. This is a very common & powerful hauling equipment that is extensively used in manufacturing & production plants. Forklifts are generally used to lift & move several industrial objects over short distances inside the plants. They are also used to load and unload trucks. High-powered forklifts are used in a wide range of industries such as automobile industries, packaging industries, aircraft industries, shipping industries, etc. Industrial forklifts are driven by experienced operators. Different types of forklifts are:

  • Class I or electric motor forklifts
  • Class II or narrow aisle forklifts
  • Class III or electric pallet stackers, tow & jacks tractors
  • Class IV or internal combustion forklifts

4. Excavators

Last but not the least, an excavator is powerful hauling equipment widely used for digging purposes in several sites. Some major components of excavators are augers, breakers, compactors, breakers, etc. This machine can be operated by the specialised person. Excavators can be inspected after a certain period of time to check the functionality.

To control and check the functionality of the hauling equipment, proper maintenance & inspection is necessary. Maintenance helps to keep the equipment long-lasting.

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