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It's Time to go Trenchless!

By Nuflow Logan / Ipswich / Brisbane South

It's Time to go Trenchless!

06/02/2022 And no, we are not referring to jackets and the latest winter fashion trends!

Instead, this is a modern plumbing technique that is used to repair your underground pipe and drain problems.

Trenchless plumbing is a way of diagnosing, unblocking and repairing underground pipes WITHOUT excavation or destruction of your property. It is a durable and long lasting solution that will stop leaks and tree roots from invading for decades to come.

Do You Need Trenchless Plumbing Repair?

Here are a few warning signs that it’s time to call in the trenchless plumbing experts to inspect the pipes at your residential or commercial property:

1. Water pooling on the floors

2. Wet spots on the walls

3. Drainage overflow outside the house

4. Toilets and sinks backing up

5. Tree roots have damaged your pipes0

6. Low water pressure

7. A foul odour coming from sinks and drains

8. Dirt or clumps of mud appear when you turn on the tap

The Trenchless Process

Using CCTV drain cameras, a plumbing and drainage expert can diagnose underground pipe problems, and find a solution, via an access point.

If the pipe or drain is broken or has collapsed, it’s time for relining (also known as resleeving). Think of it as heart surgery for pipes!

When a surgeon is clearing an artery they will use a stent, an expandable metal mesh coil which once inserted and expanded, keeps the artery open. It opens the “pipes” (artery) so the blood can flow freely once again – healthy pipes, healthy heart!

In the same way, the Nuflow pipe relining method, increases the flow capacity by eliminating the obstructions that can build up over a period.

Why Choose Trenchless?

The beauty of trenchless pipe relining is that it is a practical alternative to digging up and destroying your lawn or garden. In the past, the process of drain repair would have required heavy machinery such as an excavator, a team of people, and several days to replace existing pipes.

Going trenchless is a much more convenient, faster and safer option, making it a cost-effective way to keep old pipes clear for the long term.

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Nuflow Logan / Ipswich / Brisbane South

Nuflow Logan / Ipswich / Brisbane South

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